Lighting Control Options by Lutron

Until about 10 years ago, lighting was simple. You screwed in a bulb and switched it on or off. Today, this experience is dramatically different.

Investing in smart lighting technology for your home is no longer a should-do, it’s a must-have. Why? Lighting is critical to everything you do inside of your home, from waking and sleeping to dining and entertaining.

With smart lighting you can:
– Program intuitive lighting scenes based on how and when you use a space
– Control energy costs with automated fixtures
– Highlight your home’s architecture, artwork and design
– Mimic the sun’s natural light patterns indoors
– Enjoy the mood and productivity-boosting effects of different light temperatures
– Increase security while you’re away


Why We Work With Lutron

There are a lot of choices on the market for smart lighting. At Residential Systems Inc., we have chosen to work with Lutron because of their robust platform of leading-edge products that fit into homes of any size and meet most budgets.


The Home Technology Revolution: Personalized Lighting

As pioneers of innovation, Lutron recently added personalized lighting options for residential applications, giving homeowners the ability to customize their lighting like never before.

This revolutionary technology makes it possible to wake up with bright, energizing cool light and end the day with warmer tones to reaffirm your body’s circadian rhythm for a better night’s sleep.

Personalized lighting can also create exciting scenes with color saturation— illuminate your home with the colors of your favorite sports team, or add a festive splash of color to your holiday decorations. The possibilities are virtually endless.


Don’t Forget Shades

You can’t control the light in the home without controlling the greatest light source of them all, the sun. Uncontrolled daylight causes glare, fades surfaces, and increases the temperature within the home. By adding automated shades into your lighting control strategy, you can create the exact desired look and feel inside your home, at any time during the day.


Complex Systems Made Simple With Expert Integration

Most of these new systems are centered around LED technology embedded in the fixture, which has changed the game not just for performance, but also for installation and integration.

These complex systems are made simple and user-friendly when you use a trusted integrator like Residential Systems Inc. We understand the intricate infrastructure needed to wire a home for emerging technologies, and provide the quickest and easiest way to bring these new technologies home. It’s also advisable to combine your integrator with an experienced lighting designer and a good electrician to maximize the benefits.


A Worthy Investment

Despite the increased complexity of the installation process, smart lighting solutions are less expensive than you think. And, the investment is well worth the upfront cost. You will be able to use it for the next 20+ years with periodic upgrades to the system.

Which features are on your must-have list? Use this chart to see which lighting solution will fit your needs.

Our Latest Project: A Smart Home in the Hills

There are smart homes and then there are genius homes. We would like to think that this project is a little above average when it comes to smart home technology. What started as a simple bathroom remodel soon transformed into a whole house renovation as the homeowners decided it was time for an update—not just for their interiors, but for their smart home technology.

The home already had a few automation systems in place  such as an older Control4 system, Lutron lighting, and electrical racks in the basement that needed updated wiring.When the project was finished, the house was completely updated to include all the modern conveniences of the latest smart home innovation.



  • In the great room, we installed a 75-inch flat screen TV above the fireplace, hidden inside a Leon Media Decor artscreen. What looks like a nice piece of artwork above the mantel, scrolls back with the touch of a button to reveal a new flat screen TV.
  • The in-home gym was outfitted with  a motorized TV mount with attached soundbar by Leon that swings down from the ceiling. With a push of a button the TV swings into the ceiling to reveal beautiful views of the foothills. And no gym would be complete without a sound system for when they need that extra bit of motivation.
  • The master bedroom previously had a TV at the foot of the bed but we were able to improve and update it. At the touch of a button, a television and Leon soundbar rises from what looks like a small cabinet at the end of the bed.
  • In the master bath, we installed a Seura waterproof TV at the foot of the tub so the homeowners can enjoy some TV while they relax. There is a speaker above the bath and even a waterproof speaker in the shower.
  • Downstairs in the home theater, we brought in a zero edge screen with almost no bezel by Screen Innovations. This black diamond screen features the new Ambient Light Rejecting technology, meaning you can enjoy your movie without being in complete darkness. The picture quality stays pristine even when you leave a few lights on.

Centralized Climate Control

  • The house has several radiant heating zones that were previously controlled individually. We updated the thermostat to a central flushmount touchpad so the homeowners can control the temperature of each section of the house from one intuitive interface.

Automation System

  • The residence had an outdated Control4 system that needed an upgrade. We installed a more advanced Control4 system with several touchscreens throughout, so the homeowners could enjoy all of their new technology seamlessly.
  • Through Control4 and Key Digital, the house now has video distribution throughout, meaning they can share video to any TV without adding devices. There are 17 locations where the owners can share and stream video.
  • Their current Lutron system needed updating in order to work with the new technologies in place. We installed new Lutron keypads for the automated lighting throughout, giving them convenient access to their entire home lighting system.
  • For security, we added multi-zone cameras around the outside of the residence. With such a large house, it was important to have several view points of the outside to give them better security.
  • We re-wired everything with a new infrastructure so all the new devices were able to work together without relying on WiFi. Installing wiring was key to ensuring a proper functioning home.

Take a look at more pictures of this beautiful home below. If you’re interested in whole home smart technology or a free consultation, give us a call at 303-277-9983.