Project Spotlight – Four Seasons Residence Denver, Colorado

At Residential Systems, Inc., we are very fortunate to be able to work in some of the most exclusive residences throughout Denver and Colorado.  From large, custom homes to smaller residences with high-end finishes, RSI has worked in thousands of homes throughout Colorado and across the world.  Every home presents a unique opportunity for Residential Systems, Inc. to showcase our expertise in custom electronic architecture and this month, we are featuring a recent project we completed in Denver, CO.

A few months ago, a Client contacted us to tell us that they were purchasing a new residence at the Four Seasons Private Residences, located in downtown Denver.  The Four Seasons Private Residences are located in the Four Seasons hotel and provide the highest level of finishes, amenities and service to their Clients.

In our initial meeting with the Client, he and his family asked us to evaluate all the options for turning their residence into a “Smart” home.  Using our 25+ years of experience in residential system integration, we worked with the Client to explore solutions in the areas of:

  • Lighting control  (“Smart” light switches that can operate multiple loads of light from a single button press)
  • Climate control
  • Natural lighting control (Solar shades and draperies)
  • Whole-home audio
  • Video, including home theater
  • Home automation

Our system designer and the Client worked together to develop a unique, whole-home solution that features:

  • A Savant home automation platform, featuring HDMI video switching, a Savant whole-home audio solution and control from the Client’s iPad, iPhone and Savant Select remote control.
  • Lutron’s Radio RA2 product, the leading wireless lighting control solution
  • Samsung 8000 series televisions, the best pictures in the business!
  • Lutron Shades and Lutron drapery tracks

Once the Client had agreed to the scope, we began by pre-wiring the unit to allow for video distribution over CAT-6, as well as running speaker wire for audio and additional wire for controlling the system including lights, shades and draperies.  Working in a high-rise, private residence can be a challenge but thanks to our excellent technicians and project managers, we completed the pre-wire in less time than was expected.

Following the pre-wire, we installed the equipment using the highest level of fit and finish.  In a multi-million dollar residence, Clients expect nothing but the highest level of finish and Residential Systems, Inc. was able to exceed the Client’s expectations for both timeliness and quality of work.  The installation consisted of three Samsung 60″ televisions, a 70″ Sharp LCD television in the theater room, Sonance Visual Performance speakers throughout the unit, James loudspeakers and sub-woofer in the theater room, Lutron QS wireless shades, Lutron’s Radio RA2 “smart” switches and Aprilaire thermostats.  All of the “head end” equipment was installed in a closet in three Middle Atlantic equipment racks to ensure proper cooling for all of the Client’s equipment.

Once the equipment was fully installed, our Savant programmer programed the entire system to operate from any iPad in the residence, as well as from the Client’s personal iPad, iPhone and Savant remote controls that are located throughout the unit.  The Client opted to put three dedicated iPads in in-wall docking stations throughout the unit to enable one-touch control for both residents and guests.

Thanks to the collaboration between Residential Systems, Inc. and the Client, the finished product allows the Client to:

  • Enjoy any video source (DirecTV, AppleTV, Blu-Ray, etc..)  on any television in the unit, using HDMI and full 1080P display capabilities
  • Control lighting, climate, audio, video and shades from an intuitive user interface on their iPhone and iPad
  • Press the “All Off” button as they leave their residence.  This button automatically turns off any light in unit, lowers all the solar shades to conserve energy and relaxes the climate by 3 degrees.  When the Client returns, they can press the “Entertain” button which adjusts the lights to the appropriate level, begins playing music and opens all of the shades to the appropriate level.
  • Program their thermostat from their iPad, allowing them to set climate schedules and conserve energy
  • Listen to iTunes, Pandora, Spotify and other audio sources throughout the unit with a simple push of a button
  • Watch movies in full 1080P brilliance in their dedicated theater room

At Residential Systems, Inc., we are very proud of all our work and this project is no exception.  By listening to our Clients and presenting them with value-based solutions, RSI was able to exceed this customer’s expectations from the start!  Thanks to our excellent team including Brad Fowler, Shelby Moore, David Shogan, David Wilkerson and Andrew Grandpre, the project was completed in less time than expected.  At RSI, our staff is what makes the difference to our Clients and this project was no exception!

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