Project Spotlight – LoDo Residence, Denver, Colorado

A client in Lower Downtown Denver contacted us to modernize their home technology system.  They live in a historical brick loft on Blake Street so retrofitting wire was going to be a big challenge.  Additionally, the high ceilings and hard surfaces presented numerous acoustical challenges.

The clients vision was to be able to take advantage of the latest technology for entertaining guests while improving the livability of their home.
Residential Systems, Inc. installed a Savant system which integrated control of Audio/Video, Lighting and Climate.  In addition, we installed an enterprise grade phone and data to ensure that the clients had reliable communications throughout their expansive loft.

The lighting control system was a Lutron Radio Ra2 lighting system which simplified control of the complex lighting system in the previous residence.  In addition to lighting control, the Lutron system also controls climate for both the in-floor heating units as well as the swamp coolers.

The centerpiece of the client’s Great Room was a historical safe from the early 1900s.  Residential Systems Inc designed a custom equipment rack to fit inside of this safe, showing off the latest in technology while keeping the old-world charm of the historic safe.  The equipment rack houses a Steinway Lyngdorf audio system which provides for a high-fidelity listening experience for the client and their guests.