Peace of Mind While Away

Gain peace of mind knowing your family and property are safe with security cameras, remote access, and immediate alerts to your phone.

Monitor and Control Your Home

Check in while home or away through instant access to surveillance cameras and security status updates.

Automatic Alerts

No more worrying about gas leaks, water damage, fire, or frozen pipes. Smart home security systems send automatic alerts to both you and emergency services should a problem arise.  Take your security to the next level by incorporating automatic shut-off features to quickly mitigate potential water and fire damage.

Relax while at home or away knowing that your home is safe. Residential Systems, Inc. offers flexible solutions for automated security systems, making it possible for you to monitor your house, review footage, allow remote access, and create alerts that alert you and/or emergency services to potential problems.

Monitor with Home Security Cameras

Visually monitor every part of your property and access recorded images. A custom closed circuit TV (CCTV) system provides access to both audio and video footage, allowing you to quickly look, listen, and react to any potential threats.

Detect and Scare Away Intruders

Detect and scare away intruders via sensor triggered lights and sirens. Residential Systems Inc. security systems are designed to monitor every window, door and entry 24/7, keeping you and your family safe.

Control and Monitor Keyless Access

Imagine receiving an email to let you know your child has entered the house after school. Unexpected guests? Quickly create a new code for them or unlock the door remotely. View a log to see who has been in your home and when.

Remotely Monitor Gas and Water Systems

On vacation? No more nightmares of a flooded basement or gas leak. Sensors can not only detect a leak, but also automatically shut the valves and send you an alert. Immediately mitigate any potential problems from anywhere in the world.

Immediately Contact Emergency Services

At the sound of a fire alarm, your security system immediately contacts emergency services, lights up pre-programmed escape routes, turns on flashing outside lights, and shuts down ventilation and HVAC systems to avoid the spread of fire and smoke.

Increase Home Value

A home security system is more than an investment in peace of mind; it can increase the value of your home and drive down the cost of your homeowners insurance premium.

Residential Systems, Inc. will design your system to be as simple and invisible as possible while providing high-level safety and competitive monthly monitoring rates.


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