Like Night Shift on Your Smartphone

Fall asleep easier and wake up more rested. The latest lighting innovation automatically helps you tune into your circadian rhythm.

Bio-Centric Lighting to Control Your Mood

Different temperatures of white light affect sleep patterns and mood.

Customize Your Home Experience With Tunable White Light

Tunable white light highlights your architecture, interiors and art.

Experts agree that human centric lighting is the biggest breakthrough in residential lighting and Residential Systems Inc. is one of the first to bring this technology to you.

Human Centric Lighting Operates Like Night Shift on Your Smartphone

Similar to the automatic night shift of light on your smartphone, the latest home lighting technology helps you tune into your circadian rhythm so you can sleep better and wake up rested.

What is Human Centric Lighting?

Natural light is the number one component in setting our body clocks. These circadian rhythms tell us when to wake and when to sleep, and are critical to good health—hormone production, metabolism and sleep/wake cycles.

Unfortunately, 90% of our day is spent indoors, surrounded by artificial light and computer screens. Most of this indoor lighting is designed only for energy efficiency, making it too dim in the day and too bright in the evening.

Human Centric Lighting, the leading edge innovation in lighting technology, brings natural lighting indoors, stimulating the mind in daytime for greater productivity and dimming light at night for better sleep.

How Does it Work?

flexible scene options chart

Using customizable LED bulbs that range in color and intensity from a candlelight-like 2200K to a midday bright 6000K, Human Centric Lighting automatically alters the light throughout the day to maintain harmony with your circadian rhythm.

Human Centric Light Proven to Increase Health & Mood

Read More About How Light Affects Your Health Here.

Healthy Light Improves:

  • Sleep time up to 46 minutes
  • Sleep quality, up to 10-15%
  • Productivity up 5-25%
  • Mood, up 5-10%

Unhealthy Light Leads to Sleep Disruption & Serious Health Consequences

  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Clinical Depression
  • Cardiovascular Disease

Wellness Built-In

With Human Centric Light, the wellness possibilities are powerful. According to scientists around the world, this technology can lead to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

There are thousands of ways to program these systems based on chosen health, wellness, and productivity benefits.

  • Mimic the natural daylight cycle to synchronize your internal clock and fall asleep more easily
  • Access bright, sunlight-quality lighting indoors at any time to decrease depression and improve overall mental health
  • Improve study or work habits with a specific frequency known to increase productivity

Highlight Your Design, Art & Architecture

Human Centric Light not only makes you feel better, it also makes everything in your home look better.

From paint to fabric and everything in between, your interiors can be continuously illuminated with the correct light, no matter the time of day.

For example, imagine how this luminary mixology will affect your art collection:

A snowy landscape portrait illuminated with cool tones looks crisp and clear, whereas a colorful still life under the same light looks stale and flat. With Human Centric Light, your design is always seen the way it was meant to be seen.

What products are on the market now?

After in-depth research, we chose to represent products that perform well at the extremes and also deliver high-quality color performance at every shade, which is critical to truly capturing the benefits of this technology.

Why Expert Integration is Critical to Success

Human Centric Light is a new innovation that requires sophisticated expert programming and integration to deliver optimal performance.

Residential Systems Inc. is one of the only home technology integrators with the expertise to seamlessly integrate the technology into your current lighting systems.

Ready to learn more about Human Centric Lighting solutions?

Experience the benefits of Human Centric Lighting solutions at our showroom. Immerse yourself in the rhythm of various types of light, and discover how this leading edge innovation can help maintain a higher level of health for you and your family.


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