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A Home Guardian That Never Rests

Enjoy the ultimate peace of mind at home or away with a home security solution from RSI.

Solutions for a more secure life.

Relax while at home or away knowing that your home is safe. At RSI, we offer flexible solutions for automated security systems, making it possible for you to monitor your house, review footage, allow remote access, and create alerts that signal you and/or emergency services to potential problems.

Total Surveillance

Monitor every part of your property and access recorded images. A custom closed-circuit TV system provides access to both audio and video footage, allowing you to quickly look, listen, and react to any potential threats.

Keep Potential Threats at Bay

Detect and scare away intruders via sensor triggered lights and sirens. Our security systems are designed to monitor every window, door and entry 24/7, keeping you and your family safe.

Stop Damage Before it Starts

No more worrying about gas leaks, water damage, fire, or frozen pipes. With an RSI system you can quickly mitigate potential damage to your home with automatic shut-off valves and emergency service alerts.

Monitor & Control Access

Lock and unlock your doors remotely from your smartphone, be alerted when someone enters your home, keep tabs on who comes and goes.

Live a more secure life.

Reach out and let us craft a custom home security solution help you better protect what matters most.

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Remove the worries of everyday living with a security solution from RSI.

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