A Cherry Hills Home Theater: Inspiration for Your Next Project

This comfortable, stylish home theater in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado is proof that you don’t need 1,000 square feet for a high-performance experience. As part of an extensive basement remodel, the homeowners asked us to provide them with a luxury entertainment hub featuring state-of-the-art equipment and smart home technology.

The entire home theater is controlled via a Savant system, which allows the homeowners to manage every aspect of the technology (both in the room and throughout the home) via one intuitive interface accessible via an iPad or iPhone.


Inside the theater, a Screen Innovations’ acoustically transparent 120-inch screen, optimized for 4K content, takes center stage.  The Triad theater speakers are located behind the screen so the action sounds like it’s coming directly from the image. Other speakers and subwoofers are located behind the black, flocked, fabric-wrapped walls to produce high-fidelity sound while maintaining the integrity of the stylish interior design.

The speakers are part of an overall Dolby Atmos surround sound system (7.4.4), which provides viewers with a theatre-quality sound experience. This speaker system is complimented by a full acoustic treatment, installed to both optimize the in-room sound and ensure it doesn’t travel into the rest of the home.


A Sony 4K Ultra HD VPL-VW350ES projector delivers stunning image quality with 1500 ANSI lumens of brightness, anamorphic 3D, and 4K HD, which captures every detail with exceedingly crisp precision and vibrant color.

The Savant system allows the owner to watch movies via an integrated AppleTV, as well as a Kaleidescape movie storage system. The Kaleidescape system is optimized for 4K viewing, allowing the owner to download 4K movies directly from the Kaleidescape on-line store.

Now for the finishing touches:


We worked closely with the interior designer, Jane Freking, to create the perfect movie-night ambiance complete with custom black leather Cineak theater seats to complement the luxurious wall fabric, and finished with mood lighting by Lutron, controlled by an iPad with the push of a single button for lights up, lights down or lights somewhere in between.

With every aspect of the home theater controlled by the Savant system, the homeowners can pre-program a movie-night setting that automatically dims the lights; turns on the projector and sound system; and sets the ideal room temperature. Time for a popcorn break or the end of the movie? Push another button and the lights come on; the projector turns off; and the room resets for the next night in.

The home theater project, completed in concert with interior designer Jane Freking of JF Design, and home builder Haley Custom Homes, allows the homeowners and their family a space to kick back, relax and enjoy time together, while providing an escape from the outside world. Interested in sculpting your own perfect home theater? Contact us for a free consultation.

The Numbers Don’t Lie, Home Technology Trends Are On The Rise

As more technology products enter the market, it’s hard to ignore the growth of the smart home sector and the number of consumers embracing these new devices. Studies show the smart home market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17% between 2015 and 2020, and reach $58.68 billion by 2020. (MarketsAndMarkets.com)

A recent study by August Home and Xfinity Home showed “smart home ownership would effectively double over the next 12 months, reaching 30 million households.” (Comcast.com)

With numbers like that, it’s evident that the “smart home” is no longer the future, it’s “now,” and, as integrators, we are here to help you navigate through the complex world of home technology.

While lighting, entertainment and climate have been the most popular home technology trends over the last few years, here are two more areas we see expanding in the next couple of years.

Why is Connected Home Security So Important?

Yale real Living

According to a report by Research and Markets, the home security market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 48.06% from 2016-2020. Decreasing hardware prices, more apps for controlling your home security through your phone, and the improvement of bandwidth are all factors in the growth of connected home security. (CE Pro)

Homeowners are definitely seeing the benefit in automated lighting systems and security systems. The ability to monitor who is coming and going into your house with automated locks and remote surveillance systems is a great stress reliever. Plus, lighting systems like Lutron have the technology to create the appearance of someone being home while you are away on vacation.

Improving Energy Efficiency


As energy consumption awareness grows, more homeowners are looking for eco-friendly solutions. The ability to manage energy remotely is driving the desire to have a connected home. And, while this technology is not new, growing customer understanding of energy saving capabilities is a leading force behind smart home market expansion. (MarketsAndMarkets.com)

For example, taking charge of energy consumption can be as easy as monitoring your home thermostat from your smartphone. Smart thermostats are an easy way for owners who are new to the industry and want to test the waters.

Keeping Up With Home Technology Trends

The market growth over the next few years will be an exciting time for the home technology sector as new innovations are introduced, and connected homes become part of the norm. Helping homeowners navigate through this time is an important part of our job as integrators, giving them confidence to use new technology and showing them the exciting possibilities of the smart home.

If you’re ready to build your connected home, but aren’t sure where to start, give us a call for a free in-home consultation at (303) 277-9983.

Our Latest Project: A Smart Home in the Hills

There are smart homes and then there are genius homes. We would like to think that this project is a little above average when it comes to smart home technology. What started as a simple bathroom remodel soon transformed into a whole house renovation as the homeowners decided it was time for an update—not just for their interiors, but for their smart home technology.

The home already had a few automation systems in place  such as an older Control4 system, Lutron lighting, and electrical racks in the basement that needed updated wiring.When the project was finished, the house was completely updated to include all the modern conveniences of the latest smart home innovation.



  • In the great room, we installed a 75-inch flat screen TV above the fireplace, hidden inside a Leon Media Decor artscreen. What looks like a nice piece of artwork above the mantel, scrolls back with the touch of a button to reveal a new flat screen TV.
  • The in-home gym was outfitted with  a motorized TV mount with attached soundbar by Leon that swings down from the ceiling. With a push of a button the TV swings into the ceiling to reveal beautiful views of the foothills. And no gym would be complete without a sound system for when they need that extra bit of motivation.
  • The master bedroom previously had a TV at the foot of the bed but we were able to improve and update it. At the touch of a button, a television and Leon soundbar rises from what looks like a small cabinet at the end of the bed.
  • In the master bath, we installed a Seura waterproof TV at the foot of the tub so the homeowners can enjoy some TV while they relax. There is a speaker above the bath and even a waterproof speaker in the shower.
  • Downstairs in the home theater, we brought in a zero edge screen with almost no bezel by Screen Innovations. This black diamond screen features the new Ambient Light Rejecting technology, meaning you can enjoy your movie without being in complete darkness. The picture quality stays pristine even when you leave a few lights on.

Centralized Climate Control

  • The house has several radiant heating zones that were previously controlled individually. We updated the thermostat to a central flushmount touchpad so the homeowners can control the temperature of each section of the house from one intuitive interface.

Automation System

  • The residence had an outdated Control4 system that needed an upgrade. We installed a more advanced Control4 system with several touchscreens throughout, so the homeowners could enjoy all of their new technology seamlessly.
  • Through Control4 and Key Digital, the house now has video distribution throughout, meaning they can share video to any TV without adding devices. There are 17 locations where the owners can share and stream video.
  • Their current Lutron system needed updating in order to work with the new technologies in place. We installed new Lutron keypads for the automated lighting throughout, giving them convenient access to their entire home lighting system.
  • For security, we added multi-zone cameras around the outside of the residence. With such a large house, it was important to have several view points of the outside to give them better security.
  • We re-wired everything with a new infrastructure so all the new devices were able to work together without relying on WiFi. Installing wiring was key to ensuring a proper functioning home.

Take a look at more pictures of this beautiful home below. If you’re interested in whole home smart technology or a free consultation, give us a call at 303-277-9983.