RSI in Evolution: Sitting Down with Travis Leo, CEO

RSI in Evolution

In 2012, Travis Leo found himself at the helm of one of Denver’s biggest tech companies after purchasing Residential Systems, Inc., and he was ready to generate change. Armed with previous executive experience through his tenure with Quest, Travis was ready to take the company to the next level, propelling RSI into a new era of innovations in technology, and all of the growing pains associated with it.

“I don’t know the difference between a nail and a screw,” he jokes. “I like it that way, I have a comprehensive understanding of technologies and what they can do, but I like to see things through the eyes of the customer.” Travis believes that this approach allows him to help client not only fall in love with smart home technology, but understand and appreciate what it can do to enrich their everyday lives.


Tracking the Trends

RSI was founded three decades ago, and has been no stranger to evolution since. With new smart home products released every month, and upgrades of old products, staying on top of what is successful versus what is no small challenge. From audio and video, to access control, to lighting control, automated shades, and everything in between, Travis is dedicated to staying ahead of tech trends.

The expanding variety of products on the market is not the only change happening in the world of smart home technology. Recently, the industry has seen a rapid shifting toward network-based control systems, which means manufacturers can implement more updates to products, at a faster rate. This change alone has simplified systems and increased the reliability while allowing for consistent deployment and updates that make smart homes, smarter.


Shifting Spaces

In late 2017, Travis decided to transition into a newer, bigger showroom space, to provide even better customer service and customer experience. After outgrowing their old space, RSI needed to expand into an area where they could showcase all of their products comfortably, give live demos, create storage, and play host to client meetings.

Their new space, located at 7661 Shaffer Parkway in Littleton, is 20% bigger than their old space, with room for customers to experience home tech live and in person. In an era that is moving toward DIY smart home solutions, Travis emphasizes the importance of seeing products perform live before making the investment, and stresses the benefit of hiring a professional integration company that has been around for decades.


The Best of the Best

All of this evolution taken into consideration, Travis and team have found a select few products that they love. Though RSI gets a lot of attention for being an A/V shop, they love the recent advances made in regard to lighting control and automated shades. Travis even states that his most favored tech upgrade in his home is his Lutron automation system.

In addition to Lutron, staff picks range from HAI systems (security, light switches, thermostats), tech tycoon Control4, and flexible and reliable Savant systems.


Looking Forward

In regard to the future of RSI and where they would like to go, Travis is excited to embrace upcoming, fresh technologies. His goal always has been, and always will be, to provide all past, present, and future RSI clients with the best, most innovative, and most seamlessly integrated home technologies.

Palladiom Shading System with Exposed Rollers

In recent years, there has been a trend toward modern, industrial interior design— both in homes and commercial spaces—and Lutron has taken note.

Traditionally, automated shades have been installed into recessed pockets or facia that conceal the motor and roller. However, due to demand for more contemporary applications, Lutron’s created their new Palladiom line of automated shades, which are the first of their kind, and specifically designed to be an exposed, elegant shade.

Palladiom shade features include:

  • Ultra-quiet motors
  • Exposed rollers
  • New drive, brackets, and wire management systems
  • Hidden wires
  • Minimal light gaps
  • New hem bar design
  • Compatibility with Palladiom keypad and new thermostats
  • Ability to accommodate openings as large as 12x12ft

The result is a highly functional, attractive window covering that adds a modern touch to any space.


Form and Function

Visually, this type of shade stands out from its counterparts due to the use of exposed metal and bracket systems. Lutron’s selection of customization options encompasses hundreds of fabrics and dozens of metal and bracket finishes, ensuring that each shade perfectly suits the space.

The functionality of Palladiom shades is the same as all other motorized shades– they keep the light out, and activate at the touch of a button. Every Palladiom product features the same motor as Lutron’s previous automated models, but this newer model boasts quieter function.


Ask an RSI Professional about Palladiom

Lutron tends to innovate and optimize as a product evolves, which means we can look forward to more customization options in the future.RSI are the leading experts in Lutron products and installation in Denver. Test drive Lutron’s latest products at our brand new, 5,000 sq ft showroom today to learn more about how Palladiom can enhance your next project.

Residential Systems, Inc. Has Moved!

Residential Systems Inc. Moves to New 5,000 Square Foot Showroom

Our brand new space, opened September 24, includes a 2,000 sq. ft. warehouse and ample space for clients to explore a vast selection of home automation products.

Colorado’s top smart home automation and smart home technology integrator, has moved to a new brand new 5,000 square foot showroom in Littleton, Colo. The space will give clients the ability to experience, first-hand, the vast selection of home technology offerings from Savant, Control4, Sonance, Crestron, Lutron Sonos and more.

A Word from Travis Leo, CEO of RSI
“This move into a space allows our customers to experience home automation like never before,” says RSI’s CEO, Travis Leo. “With an innovative layout and all the latest technology installed throughout, this is a unique experience and environment where homeowners can see, feel and experience the products before they install them in their home. Our team is looking forward to this next chapter in our business.”

Where to Find Us
Located near the intersection of Ken Caryl Ave and C-470, RSI’s new address will be 7661 Shaffer Parkway Littleton, CO 80127. Visitors will have the opportunity to test drive some of the most popular smart home offerings– from a fully equipped home theater to elegant Lutron lighting systems, and automated Palladom shades.

About RSI
Residential Systems Inc. has been one of Colorado’s leading providers of home technology services for 30 years, specializing in: Smart Home Automation and Integration, Whole Home Audio/Video, Home Theater, Outdoor Audio/Video, Smart Lighting Control, Automated Window Coverings, Security, Cameras and Access Control, Home Networks, Low Voltage Wiring and Smart Home Infrastructure.

RSI’s team of seasoned design and installation professionals have created and installed elegant, functional home technology systems for homes of all sizes throughout the nation. To date, they have completed large-scale projects in over 5,500 homes and businesses and have been featured in multiple local, regional and national media publications.


Introducing Lutron’s EcoSystem