Style Meets Music

Never compromise your love of design with your love of music. Sonance Architectural speakers deliver performance and style.

Invisible Speakers

Fill your home with high-fidelity sound through speakers that disappear into the walls and ceiling.

Fill Your Landscape with Sound

Turn your backyard BBQ into the best party on the block with hidden, all-weather landscape speakers.

Speakers are meant to be heard—not seen.  Let Residential Systems, Inc, show you how Sonance sound systems can be both pleasing to the ears and eyes.

Seamless Specialty Sound

High-fidelity sound virtually blends into the walls with these award-winning, low-profile, paintable speakers. With a multitude of shapes and sizes, various performance levels, and a range of specialty applications, they seamlessly integrate into any space.

For outdoor landscapes, sound systems can be hidden in trees, planting beds, the ground, or walkways while blending flawlessly into the environment.

State-of-the-Art Architectural Speakers

Discreet yet powerful, the Architectural Speaker series delivers the ultimate blend of high performance and style. They sit flush with the surrounding ceiling surface and provide state-of-the-art sound even when mounted in less than ideal locations. 

Degrees of Invisibiliity

Preserve the integrity of your design with various levels of invisibility. Architectural Series speakers perfectly align with the surrounding surface, and provide the perfect complement to today’s high-end lighting. Invisible Series speakers vanish into room designs, delivering ambient music that emanates from the walls and ceiling.

All-weather speakers blend in with the surrounding landscape, creating surround sound in the great outdoors. They won’t chip, fade, flake, corrode, or scratch. In-ground subwoofers can be used to produce deep, powerful bass response throughout your entire yard. The weatherproof subwoofer has an exposed vent that produces high quality sound. The cabinet disappears into the landscape and hides within your unique scenery.

Pristine Outdoor Performance

Transform your outdoor living experience with Sonance all-weather speakers, which deliver best-in-class performance while blending into the landscape. Don’t worry about disturbing the neighbors. Sonance speakers contain all the sound in your backyard.

The Sonance Landscape system is positioned for complete privacy, sounds impeccable amongst any terrain, and is perfectly arranged around your property. The system can be heard from below, above, front, and behind. 

The Ultimate Home Theater

Take entertaining to the next level with a Sonance home theater designed to bring out the best in movies, games, sports and television. Low-profile Sonance speakers are hidden behind walls and projection screens to create the ultimate surround sound performance.

Ready to design your sound system? Our team has more than 30 years of experience working with homeowners, architects and designers to create elegant, beautiful systems indoors and outdoors. Contact us today to set up a free, in-home consultation.

Home Automation

Smart Home automation allows you to control all of the technology in your home with the press of a single button using your smartphone, tablet or remote control.

Home Theater

Create the ultimate theater experience in the comfort of your own home.

Whole Home Audio / Video

Experience complete entertainment control at your fingertips with a whole Home audio/video system.

Lighting Control

The power to transform any space with light is yours with the press of a button.

Automated Window Coverings

Automated window coverings allow you to optimize your view while maintaining privacy and eliminating the manual adjustment runaround.

Security & Access Control

Gain peace of mind knowing your family and property are safe with security cameras, remote access, and immediate alerts to your phone.

Home Networks

Get enterprise class, lightning fast networking in your home and say goodbye to buffering delays.

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