Premium Home Automation

Take command of your home’s lighting, audio, climate and more with a premium home automation system from Savant and RSI.

A Premium Home Automation Experience

Founded in 2005 with the goal of providing the best experience in home automation, Savant has grown to become a leader in premium home automation systems. Focusing on creating the best possible experience, Savant offers users premium systems designed to integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle. to control everything from entertainment to lighting all from your smartphone. With, Savant you can control and automate everything from your lighting to entertainment with ease and simplicity.

Control Your Home With One Touch

Wether you’re at home or away you can control your home’s lighting, security, shades, entertainment, and climate control with a single tap or press of a button on your smart device or Savant remote.

Make Entertaining Easy

Switch easily between Sonos, Apple TV, cable, Blu-ray and all of your favorite streaming music systems from anywhere.

Set the Scene

Save energy by scheduling lights to turn on and off according to times of day. Install intuitive sensors to ensure lights are turned off when rooms are unoccupied.

Personalize Your Experience

Savant connects to your existing automated systems—Lutron, Sonos, Apple TV, Honeywell and more—there’s no need to start over with brand new equipment, or have multiple remotes.

Light the Way

With a home automation system from Savant, you can automatically adjust lamps, shades and lighting anywhere in the home from anywhere. Accidentally leave the lights on in your rush out the door? Turn them off remotely from your smartphone.

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Savant Silver Authorized Integrator

Residential Systems Inc. is honored to be recognized by Savant as an authorized Silver status integrator. This distinguished honor is awarded to integrators who represent a high level of understanding of and experience with Savant systems and demonstrate a commitment to outstanding customer service.

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