With the current situation, it looks like the indoor lifestyle will be the cool new thing to do for the time being, especially since it’s the right thing to do. If this drags on there will be quite some time to fill. Thankfully there is plenty of content today that’s immediately available; and we’re here to help you narrow it down and share some staff favorites. We’re going to try and keep the suggestions as light as possible! Although some are just too good to keep off out list.

Look out for direct to home releases

NBCUniversal recently announced  that it will be sending movies that are currently in theaters to on-demand services as early as Friday. They will cost $19.99 to rent and will be available for 48 hours. Keep on the lookout for other studios to follow suit

Re-watch your favorite shows

Whether they’re classics or your personal favorites there is a certain level of comfort in re-watching a show you truly enjoy. With dramas, you know the main twists and turns so now you get to focus in on the nuances that you missed before. You know the characters, but on a second watch you start to understand them. Even with comedies you’ll find yourself laughing at punchlines that flew over your head the first time.

Suspend Reality by immersing yourself into another world

We’ve always said that the goal of movies is to suspend reality for those two plus hours and take you to the world the director built, and since you’ve got the time, we recommend diving into the worlds with lots of content that interconnect. These may be re-watches, but watching a whole series together gives it a special type of continuity and feel.

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Disney+) – Arguably the most intricate and cohesive movie universe ever with 23 movies and an over 50 hour run time, you may be doing more than just suspending reality! You can choose to watch it in chronological order, or by release date. A staff favorite, the MCU universe does a fantastic job making sure all the movies are interconnected. Most of the movies are available on Disney+

Star Wars Universe- (Disney+, Hulu) – This universe is simply massive. You’ll definitely want to start with the Skywalker Saga, a favorite of Ty’s, one of our service specialists. Movies 1-8 are available on Disney+, with the 9th available to stream on iTunes or Vudu. After you burn through those, check out the recent anthology films “Rouge One: A Star Wars Story” (Hulu, Disney+) and “Solo: A Star Wars Story” (Netflix). Want even more? The new mini-series “The Mandalorian” is on Disney+ and is absolutely enthralling. Still not satisfied? The animated series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” is also available to steam.

Harry Potter- (Prime, iTunes)– The Harry Potter series is a masterclass in world building. This may not be the most in-depth series at a mere eight movies, but it does a fantastic job in building details of the universe around the main plot which is needed to “immerse” yourself into that world. Unfortunately, this series is not available to stream, but is available to rent on Amazon Prime or iTunes.

Breaking Bad (Netflix)– This is definitely on the darker side of shows, but any list of TV shows needs to include this one. Vince Gilligan takes you and throws you into a world of chaos started by a man who is the antithesis of chaos. This show has so much depth and intricacy that you won’t catch it all after 5 watches. It’s the type of show that will have you pouring over fan theories online. After you watch the main series, check out the movie El Camino which is described as a beautiful epilogue to the series and the directors love letter to its fans. Finally, a more lighthearted (keep in mind, this is relative to Breaking Bad) series set in the years before Breaking Bad takes place is just a few click away in Better Call Saul.

Keep it light

Comedies are essential in times like these, sometimes you just need to laugh. The RSI staff picked out some all-time favorites.

Seinfeld (Hulu)– A timeless classic currently being binged by our Sales Engineer Mike

Parks and Recreation (Netflix, Hulu)– A favorite among many of us, this heartwarming comedy has a wide range of personalities, but the show does a great job in balancing them all out.

If you like this show, check out other shows created by Michael Schur including Brooklyn 99 (Hulu), The Good Place (Netflix), and of course his most famous show The Office (Netflix).

Barry (HBO)– A darker comedy, but sure to make you laugh. A short watch with “only” 16 episodes around 30 minutes each.

Santa Clarita Diet (Netflix)– Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant have fantastic presence and chemistry in this series. Without giving anything away let’s just say it’s fairly out of the box, and maybe that’s just what the doctor ordered!

Staff Favorites Lighting Round

Spirited Away (Prime)– Suggested by our Engineer Ryan this critically acclaimed animated film from Japan is a treat for the eyes with its beautiful color palate.

Billions (Showtime)– Come into RSI on any Monday morning while this show is airing and our office manager Ann is talking about. Although season 5 won’t premiere until May, this is a perfect time to binge the first 4 season and catch up.

Baby Driver (Prime, Hulu)– One of my personal favorites, this movie by Edgar Wright has all the ingredients for an instant hit. Loaded cast, phenomenal cinematography

Stranger Things (Netflix)– Our CEO Travis leans more towards sports, but since that’s not currently an option, he’s delved into the Sci-Fi world that’s sure to be enjoyed by him and his family.

Our Man in Japan (Prime)– A great series enjoyed by Andy, a sales engineer at RSI, it follows Top Gear star James May as he tours Japan. “Funny while being extremely informative about Japan, which is a fascinating country” Andy says.

Paris Texas (Prime)– Our service coordinator Chris says this gritty classic fits the backdrop of the current landscape.

Silicon Valley (HBO)– Another multi-staff favorite, this crude comedy will leave you in stitches, if it’s your style of comedy.

Bonus: Rediscover your love of music

As Anthony our service manager sees it- “Movies, schmovies! how about lightening the mood with some ridiculously charming, hard bopping, smooth swinging’ jazz. Pour an adult beverage, or in my case, a lemon tea with honey and sit down for a while with Jeff Goldblum and his big band, the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra’s 2019 offering “I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This”. Jeff is the real deal, both an accomplished pianist and excellent leader, who lends his eccentricities to the overall effect and brings in terrific guests, too. This is a great listen and you may find yourself compelled to tap a toe, snap fingers, and grin through some otherwise weird times. Works for me!

Bonus: Explore Virtual Culture

If movies and music isn’t your thing, check out this article that lists virtual concerts, plays, museums that you can experience from the comfort of your home.

What we listed is only the beginning, there is a lot more interesting content out there, but this should get you started!