Arguably the biggest breakthrough of our time in residential lighting, Personalized and Human Centric Lighting are changing the way we interact with our environment. This revolutionary technology is so leading-edge that Residential Systems Inc is one of the only showrooms in the region to install a fully functioning system where we can showcase to clients how it works in real life.  

In this video, CEO Travis Leo explains how Personalized Lighting:

  • Allows homeowners to dynamically adjust light temperature, tone and color in any room
  • Promotes energized mornings and restful nights via human-centric circadian light patterns
  • Optimizes the appearance of artwork, paint colors and textures throughout a home
  • Accentuates architectural features and design elements
  • Sets the mood
  • Adds life and fun to a party

Want to know more? Tune into the video for a crash course, or stop by our showroom for a live demo and witness the difference intelligent lighting makes in a space.