As Coloradans, we escape to the mountains just about every chance we get, and having a second home in the high country is a dream for many. However, when that dream home becomes a reality, many homeowners aren’t aware of how much work it takes to properly care for a vacation home. Supervising your retreat isn’t always easy and convenient, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Snow piles up, pipes burst during colder temperatures, and there’s no way of knowing if the person you paid to clear your driveway is actually fulfilling their end of the deal. It might not be possible to visit your home to check up on it, but with today’s home automation systems it’s easy to keep an eye on it.

Keeping an Eye Out

The first thing on your list for taking care of your home should be a surveillance system. Keeping an eye on the house is easier than ever with remote access to security cameras. Place one camera facing towards the driveway and one on the front entrance. Before you even pull into the driveway you’ll know how the house looks (i.e. if the driveway has been cleared) while you were away.

Go Keyless

Keyless entry is a great way to secure your home, with the ability to assign individual codes for each person in the house—including contractors, house keepers, electricians, etc.—and monitor who is coming and going. You can also receive alerts on your phone each time the door is unlocked and who used their code. Plus, you can use your smartphone to unlock the door before you step out of the car.

Avoid “Little Surprises” 

A major concern when owning a mountain home is the safety of the house itself. You don’t want to arrive ready for vacation only to discover a pipe burst and your basement is flooded. Avoid these “little surprises” by setting up in-home alerts that can be sent straight to your smartphone if something goes wrong, giving you a chance to head it off before things get worse. There’s even the possibility to have your home alert the fire department or automatically shut off the water or a gas leak.

Remote Access

For the ultimate peace of mind, control and monitor your entire home from your smartphone or tablet with the press of a button. Take control of your thermostat so the house is comfortable before you arrive, save on energy bills by automating your lights. Give the house a lived-in look by controlling the lights at the front door and driveway to ward off intruders. Having access to your home while you’re away gives you added comfort of knowing everything is taken care of. If you’re looking to update the security of your vacation home give us a call for a free in-home consultation, 303-277-9983.