The home is a canvas for endless personalization and customization. It acts as a movie theater, party venue, and entertainment hub where families can embrace and enjoy life in harmony. Home is where great memories are formed. Technology, like never before, can enhance these experiences and create environments many people have never dreamed of. Technology is changing at an ever-quicker pace only slowed by keeping up to date and we’re here to help. This is the state of home technology in 2019.

Automate the Menial

The most powerful innovation for homeowners of the modern era is the advent of home automation. The IoT, also known as the internet of things, allows for endless automation of theoretically any and all aspects of the home. From climate control to security functions to entertainment items, home automation is set to revolutionize it all. Related to security, home automation allows for homeowners to open doors to their homes remotely from any device no matter where they are. No more squeezing through windows when the keys are lost or remaking keys for when kids lose them at school. Home automation combined with security cameras allows for homeowners to validate any visiting persons with video and chat and instantly provide or deny access to their home. Aside from security, home automation transfers the power of every room, lighting fixture, A/V equipment and climate to homeowners in a single integrated system.

The problem is, the IoT devices are still not really able to integrate with one another. You still have different apps for different tasks and true automation is out of the question. This is where Control4 steps in and is able to manage all the tech scattered throughout the home. Purpose built to be the true brain of the home, Control4 can manage most IoT products, control your A/V systems, keep your home energy efficient, and look good doing it. Add the ability to control and monitor your system remotely and the fact that Control4 puts the users in control with scene creation, you’ve got yourself a robust, user-friendly system.

The Power of Voice

Integrated systems combined with home automation enable the use of pre-defined voice-commands to control a host of home tech products. These products include lighting fixtures, window blinds, smart thermostats, and entertainment systems. Currently, there are limitations to the interaction provided by voice-commands, but as digital assistants improve and natural language processing (NLP) systems grow, the subset of commands are likely to grow exponentially to provide homeowners with complete control over all products using conversational voice commands. JoshAI is a company that’s jumping into the deep end of this challenge. JoshAI has set out to create a system that can really understand conversational voice. Tony Stark would be jealous of JoshAI… move over Jarvis!


In the near future, home assistants will become digitized alike HAL 9000 and understand all human language without any extra forethought from homeowners – without the dangerous aspects, of course. OK this may not be the state of tech in 2019 since we’re not there yet, but we believe it’s close on the horizon!

Entertainment the Right Way

Away with ratty wires hanging from all devices, which limit their placement around the house – home entertainment systems have either gone wireless or become seamlessly embedded in the walls or architectural components of any home. Technologies like Sonos and Sonance make music listening as easy as the push of a button. Sonos speakers can be placed anywhere inside or outside a home and are controlled with a simple app available for any tablet, phone, or computer. If homeowners want salsa music in the kitchen and baby sleep-sounds in the bedroom, or classical in the garden and rock in the family room, Sonos empowers homeowners to control each individual speaker or set of speakers by location with a single, powerful app. For those who prefer architecturally embedded speakers with Sonos-like location control, adding Sonance speakers is the answer. Provided by a home-automation or home-technology provider, Sonance is the premiere embedded audio provider for entertainment inside and outside the home.

In the video world, true video distribution over IP or “Media Over IP” (MoIP) is the new rising star. With the advancement of network capabilities in the home you can now send multiple sources to all the TVs throughout your home in full 4k resolution without having to purchase a massive system to manage it. It’s all done over your network, and when the network does the heavy lifting, upgrading when the inevitable latest and greatest comes out is affordable and easy.

Lighting the Path to Simplicity

Another innovation set to forever alter the way humans interact with their home is coined Human-Centric lighting. This concept, developed to mimic natural lighting conditions of the outdoors, tailors the interior light temperature to alter human wakefulness subtly to optimize rest and maximize attentiveness. It has been shown that human-centric light increases sleep time up to 46 minutes, sleep quality up to 10-15%, productivity up 5-25%, and mood up 5-10%. Aside from direct tuning of these devices such as smart light bulbs and smart fixtures, homeowners have a superior option now to incorporate scheduled light adjustments that synchronize with their habits and the amount of sunlight they receive based on their location and season. Integrated systems that empower homeowners to schedule these automatic light adjustments are the future of human-centric lighting and home ambiance. Watch our video to see how human-centric lighting works, or stop by our showroom to see for yourself!

A little company called Ketra is blazing the path in human-centric lighting. Recently purchased by the company that invented the dimmer, Lutron, Ketra is setting the standard by developing some of the most innovative solutions to create a truly unique experience within a home.

Home technology should elevate your every-day by simplifying chores and creating amazing experiences within your home while making interaction easier. Too often home technology ends up clunky and frustrating. Avoid the frustration and speak to one of our seasoned consultants today. We’re here to help!