1.Will Your Home Support Smart Home Technology?

Many homeowners assume they can’t afford home automation or will need a major overhaul to wire their home. This simply isn’t true. The growth of automation and development of retrofit technologies has made it easier and more accessible than ever before to make your home smart.  If you’re not in a position for re-wiring you’re not out of the home automation game. Many devices utilize WiFi to connect with each other and your home—it’s remarkably simplified.

2. Determine Where You Want Technology

The advantage of smart home technology, and what makes us so excited about our work, is its ability to simplify our daily lives. Before automating your home, ask yourself what you want to simplify. Would automated blinds make it easier for you to enjoy natural sunlight? Maybe decluttering your remote control collection and switching to a single controller? Or making your home look occupied when you are away?  The realm of home technology continues to change the way we run our homes. We offer free in-home consultations and will work with you to design a home technology system that fits your needs.

3. Seek Out A Professional Integrator The DIY home technology industry is booming, however this doesn’t mean everything is intuitive or works properly. Sometimes you get what you pay for.  A professional integrator knows how to set-up automated systems in your home and can get everything to work seamlessly together. Once your systems are synched they’ll be easy to use, but getting started is best left to the professionals.

4. Evaluate Your Home Network

Whether you’re building a new home or are automating your existing home, you’ll need to consider the setup of a wireless or wired network. This is where a professional integrator steps in. We lay the wiring down while you’re building your home and figure out the best access points are so you get the best signal. If you’re working on an existing home, we can also use wireless products, use existing wiring, or install the least amount of wiring needed discreetly.

5. Expect the Unexpected You may notice once your home is up in running there are opportunities to save on energy consumption. This is the great thing about home automation. Sure, life is simplified, but now you can save money too! Save on electricity by scheduling your lights to come on and off based on when you’re not home or when the sun sets and rises. Set your thermostat to adjust only when you’re at home, keeping your bills down. We have many other ways to help you keep your home green. If you’ve thought about bringing your home into the 21st century with new technology, give us a call at 303-277-9983 and we’ll come out for a free in-home consultation. We can show you how to make your home more comfortable and convenient for your lifestyle.