Meet EcoSystem: Lutron’s newest take on lighting control.

Lighting control has come a long way since the era of clapper lights, but EcoSystem seeks to shake up the market with it’s affordable, completely digital LED management module. What makes EcoSystem stand out among other digital lighting controls? It has an open operating system that allows users to use a variety of lights from a variety of manufacturers. EcoSystem users are not limited to Lutron’s line of products, meaning you can use whatever lights and bulbs you like.

Lighting Control, Simplified

In addition, EcoSystem doesn’t require a dimming module for each individual room or light, and instead provides one easy-to-use module that you can control from one device. For the homeowner, this eliminates the need for bulky, unattractive lighting. EcoSystem devices delivers consistent and continuous dimming across all zones and fixture types, and are essentially immune to the woes of poor power sources. All of this, backed by Lutron’s excellent customer support services, makes EcoSystem a must-have asset for any energy-efficient space, regardless of size.   Once installed, the system enables not only moderation of light energy usage, but full-scale reporting on usage patterns. The best part? EcoSystem integrations can be connected to keypads, remote devices, or your smartphone or tablet. The easy-to-use EcoSystem interface makes it Lutron’s most widely accessible product yet.

Illuminate your Office Spaces

Lighting flexibility means more productive meetings, and financial savings for the company. Reduce energy costs and maximize comfort, all from a centralized device.  

Light up Education

Teachers and professors can easily adjust light levels to support their lessons, and keep their students engaged.

At-Home Ambiance

Whether you’re hosting a neighborhood get together or an intimate dinner date in, set the perfect tone using EcoSystem’s range of dimming capabilities.

Security and Safety

Turn on the lights before you even arrive, with the help of EcoSystem’s geofencing capabilities.