Last week’s unprecedented internet hack was a wake up call for the home tech industry. We all know that security is an ongoing challenge as new technologies hit the market daily, but how do you stay ahead of it? That’s where we come in. It is critical to take the proper precautions to ensure that all of your home tech devices are properly secured. Residential Systems Inc. has 30 years of experience in the home technology industry. Our certified staff undergoes ongoing training to ensure that we stay on top of new security measures necessary to keep our customers safe. Our recommendation? When installing new home technologies, hire an expert. Read more to understand why.

Here’s What Happened

internet hacking

Gif that shows the internet outage at 9:00 AM EST versus 12:30 PM EST; courtesy of

On Friday, October 21 hackers rendered hundreds of websites (including CNN, Twitter, Amazon, and Spotify) inaccessible for customers across Europe and the United States, causing three waves of outages that affected millions of internet users. They did this not by attacking individual websites, but instead by attacking a key piece of the internet infrastructure.

Why It’s Important

This was a sophisticated and well-orchestrated attack coming from tens of millions IP addresses at the same time. How was this possible?   Essentially, the hackers were able to “take control” of  IP cameras for which owners had not changed the password, creating a botnet or network of infected machines that they could then use to launch an attack.

internet hacking

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What This Means

This is the first large-scale attack we’ve seen using IoT (internet of things) devices. In this case, cameras provided hackers an Achilles heel by not requiring users to change password after purchase, but the global IoT includes everything from DVRs to routers, baby monitors to Fitbits. The attack highlights vulnerabilities in the infrastructure of the internet and underscores the importance of taking appropriate security measures when installing new technologies in your home.

How To Stay Safe

Hire an expert! We understand the importance of security in the increasingly complex home technology environment. We do the research. We undergo the proper trainings. We explore potential vulnerabilities. And we take every safeguard to protect our clients’ networks, homes, and lifestyles. As Denver’s leading provider and installer of custom home technology, Residential Systems, Inc. has installed thousands of projects across Colorado (and beyond); we pride ourselves on due diligence. Our certified staff can help guide you through the entire process from system design to installation. We also offer performance monitoring and service plans after installation, so you can trust in the ongoing health of your smart home. So, whether you’re installing a whole home automation system or just installing a new device, please hire an expert to help you out. Contact us for a free consultation.