In recent years, the number of “smart homes” has dramatically increased due to advances in the home technology sphere, which you can see in our Virtual Showhome. Though most any house can host home technology upgrades, it’s significantly easier to install tech systems in the early stages of building. When Travis Leo, owner of RSI, opted to build a new home, having it pre-wired for home tech was never a question. Home technology systems are the perfect way to introduce simplicity, comfort, and security into your family’s lifestyle. In this four-part video series, we follow Travis Leo through the construction of his new home—addressing system design, device selection, wiring, and installation. Scroll down for the tour!

Part 1: Selecting the Right Technologies for your Lifestyle

What do you want your home to feel like? How do you want it to function? What’s important to you and your family? All of these questions are important considerations when designing a smart home. Watch below to see how industry expert Travis Leo, owner Residential Systems, Inc, approaches smart home technology design and selection for his new family house.


Part 2: How to Wire for Smart Home Technologies

If you’re building a house and planning to incorporate smart home technologies, starting early is key. Proper wiring will boost functionality, increase flexibility, and help you avoid future frustrations. Watch below to learn more about Travis’ wiring process, and how he orchestrates wiring an entire home from the ground up.


Part 3: How and When to Integrate Smart Home Technologies

Trim is a crucial step in the homebuilding process, especially when it comes to integrating smart home technologies. In this video, Travis Leo addresses key considerations—timing, placement, device selection, and installation—to ensure your smart home technologies are perfectly suited to the design of your home and the activities that take place within.


Part 4 – Final Stage of Home Technology

In this, the final installment of our 4 part series, Travis Leo walks you through the details of a final install and showcases how smart home technology can simplify your everyday life.