Custom Home Automation

The Future is Upon Us

In the not-so-distant past, we dreamed of a technological future where we could use “futuristic” devices to have face to face conversations or control our media.  Remember Dick Tracy’s watch phone, or Star Trek touch screens?  Many of those futuristic dreams are now upon us and Residential Systems is a frontrunner in integration of audio/video, climate, and security using modern interactive devices such as smart phones and tablets.

In recent years, the emergence of smart phones, interactive tablets, and wireless technology have brought interactive media to the masses; one does not have to be wealthy to enjoy the fruits of technology.  Invention of these technologies has created an exciting revolution to the integration industry.  In only a few short years, tablets and smart phones have become common place not only in society, but in the home as well.  Controlling a home with a smart phone and tablet is an integral part of what Residential Systems, Inc. provides to its clients.

Imagine using your phone or tablet anywhere in the world to interface with your home; checking your security system, locking doors, changing lighting scenes, or viewing cameras.  The possibilities are nothing short of endless.  Residential systems has embraced modern technologies and has become one of the best in using leading edge technology to bring our client’s visions to life.

Let’s face it, we become excited and enthusiastic when it comes to technology and interactive media.  Modern technology has evolved to the point where movies, music, and social interaction are at the touch of a button.  Residential systems is committed to integrating these exciting technologies into the home, making systems fun and easy to use.  The future is at our fingertips and Residential Systems will provide the convenience of modern technology into your home with the utmost professionalism and expertise.


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