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When Should I Upgrade My Custom Home Electronic System?

At Residential Systems, Inc., one of the common questions we receive from our clients is “Should I upgrade my custom electronic infrastructure or can I get by with what I have for a while longer?”  While the answer to this question is part art and part science, the good news is that upgrades to custom electronic systems are relatively easy and can be done without breaking the bank.

Like any electronic product, custom home electronics and home automation systems become outdated with time.  Think about the personal computer you purchased 6 years ago.  At the time, it was top of the line with all the bells and whistles you could image.  Today, it is outdated and very slow, if it hasn’t already been replaced by a newer model.

Moore’s Law of technology says that technology doubles in efficiency every two years, if not sooner.  If you do the math, the home automation system you purchased 6 years ago has been bettered by a factor of 8 since the time it was installed.  If you are like most consumers, being able to get 8X the performance is well worth the cost of the upgrade.

One of the beauties of technology is that it is constantly changing for the better, making things more functional and more affordable every day.  New technologies such as HDMI, Zigbee, Wifi, iPads, Apple Airplay and others have made custom electronic upgrades necessary, but easier and more affordable than ever before.

No one wants to spend money unnecessarily.  That’s a given.  But with technology being at the heart of our daily lives in so many ways, we encourage our clients to look at upgrading their home automation systems and custom electronic systems to maximize their utility.

When evaluating whether an upgrade makes sense for our clients, here are the things we encourage them to consider:

  • How much are you spending on service/repair?  Has it become as costly to keep the existing system as it would be to upgrade to a new one?
  • Are you able to take advantage of the latest technology such as HDMI, digital switching, etc…
  • Are you at risk of your technology becoming obsolete and not supported anymore?
  • Has the way you use the system changed?
  • Are there additional features you would like to take advantage of that weren’t available when you purchased your system?  For example—-many homes with whole-house audio systems have volume control knobs located throughout the house.  Today’s technology allows users to bypass those volume control knobs and control the volume from their iPhone, iPad, Android, etc…

At Residential Systems, Inc., we work closely with our clients to upgrade their custom electronic technology in a cost-effective manner.  As Denver Colorado’s leading dealer for Crestron, Savant, AMX and Control4, we are able to offer our clients a full choice of solutions for upgrading and updating their existing systems.  Additionally, we offer a full lineup of A/V products from leading manufacturers including Sony, JVC, Onkyo, Digital Projection Inc., Samsung, LG and others to replace and update outdated electronic components.

If you have an existing home automation system or a home theater in need of updating, contact us for a free consultation.  We also invite you to stop by our design studio in Lakewood to see the newest in technology options from Control4, Savant and others!


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