Live Beyond Definition with Sony 4K Ultra HD TVs & Projectors

Sony 4K Ultra HD

See the world in 4K Ultra HD.  With four times the pixels of a standard HDTV, Sony and Residential Systems, Inc. bring you the highest resolution television ever made.

In 2001 Sony began using 4K technology in movie theaters around the world.  Now this technology is available in your Denver home.  Sony is the only manufacturer capable of creating a complete lens to living room 4K ecosystem.

  • Advanced professional cameras, recorders and monitors capture 4K’s brilliance
  • 4K projectors for the home, a full line-up of 4K Ultra HD TVs, and Video Unlimited 4K network video service make this experience accessible from your Denver home.
  • Sony’s 4K TVs improve the video quality of TV shows, DVDs, Blu-ray,  YouTube® clips and smartphone videos, providing higher quality and stunning results.

With RSI and Sony 4K Ultra HD Movies your home theater is better than any local theater.  Brought to life by the 4K Ultra HD Media Player, your viewing experience is guaranteed to have the highest possible quality picture and sound.  With four times the picture quality of regular high definition, you will be able to see your old favorites better now than when your first did.

Residential Systems, Inc. is proud to be an authorized Sony 4K dealer.  Come experience 4K for yourself at our design center.  Contact us to schedule an appointment and see the world in Sony 4K Ultra HD.

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