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Sonance is the unquestioned leader in architectural speakers. The company that invented the category now brings you a range of speakers for your new or existing home; each will exceed your expectations in performance and aesthetics.

Sonance Visual Performance Series speakers

  • Combine elegant, modern style with outstanding audio performance.
  • New micro-trim grilles have only 0.20” of trim, giving these speakers a clean, sleek appearance that seamlessly integrates into any designed space.
  • A one-step paint process saves time compared to traditional flanged speakers.

Visual Performance Large speakers

  • Available in three shapes (rectangular, square and round),
  • Three different audio performance levels, so you can select the shape that best suits your architectural space.
  • Provides the perfect level of sound quality for all our clients.

VP89-series speakers

  • Feature beryllium drivers that deliver reference-quality sound.
  • Pivoting drivers direct the sound at listeners for excellent stereo performance, even if the speakers are mounted in less than ideal locations.
  • Visual Performance Series Large speakers can be retrofitted into mounting holes for Sonance Original Series Large speakers without modification, making upgrades exceptionally easy.
  • Visual Performance Series Large speakers can also be used with accessories for Sonance Original Series Large speakers, such as Flex brackets, acoustic enclosures, retrofit backboxes and fire-rated backcans.

SONARRAY SR1 system.

  • The Sonarrary SRI System features eight small satellite speakers that are evenly, yet discreetly, distributed throughout garden beds.
  • A below-ground subwoofer disperses bass from a canopy hidden under the foliage.
  • High quality, crystal clear sound that is the perfect volume throughout the entire back yard.
  • The SONARRAY SR1 SYSTEM eliminates problematic loud areas that can make conversation difficult while at the same time addressing quiet areas where you can barely hear the music.
  • The speakers all face inwards causing all sound to be contained within your back yard, eliminating any concern of bothering the neighbors.

Residential Systems, Inc. is Denver, Colorado’s leading dealer of Sonance indoor and outdoor speakers.  To learn more, or to set up an in-home consultation, contact us today.

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