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If you ask any existing client of Residential Systems, Inc. what makes RSI special, they will consistently tell you that our service is what sets us apart from our competitors.  In our post-installation survey, clients constantly tell us that our service capabilities are second to none and a big reason why they selected RSI for their project.  Having worked in over 5,000 homes throughout Colorado, we have thousands of satisfied clients who have continued to use us for service long after the installation is complete.

For clients with large electronic systems, Residential Systems, Inc. is pleased to offer annual service plans which allow homeowners to save significant sums of money!  These service plans are designed to give Clients a discounted “bucket” of hours with which they can use to maintain their existing home infrastructure or to upgrade/replace components as needed.  There is virtually no limit on the way you can use these hours—-you can just use them knowing that it is saving you money and giving you the peace of mind that you need!

What’s Included with Service Plans?

Service plans are available in 5 different tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium), based on the number of hours included in each tier.  Each tier is available in a 1, 2 and 3 year term with longer terms generating greater discounts.

All of our service plans include the following items:

  • Discounts on labor to help you reduce your costs and manage your expenses
  • 24 x 7 x 365 on-call technical support
  • Telephone issue resolution for minor issues and troubleshooting
  • Discounts on replacement parts
  • Minor firmware upgrades to ensure your system is up to date
For clients who want a little bit more out of their service plan, we offer the following:
  • Clients that select a two or three year term are receive our remote network monitoring application as well as our remote power solutions which allow our service team to remotely access your system and solve many issues over the phones.  These systems can save clients a tremendous amount of money while reducing the need for a technician to come on site.
  • Clients who select a two or three year term also receive a complimentary 2-hour visit (annually) to test and inspect their system or take care of whatever needs a client has.  Think of this as a “service visit on us” as a way of saying thank you for your business!
  • Clients who elect a “Gold” Plan or greater are eligible for priority scheduling, meaning we will have a technician to your house within 24 business hours (weekends excluded).
  • Clients who bundle their service plan with security monitoring from Residential Systems, Inc. are also eligible for additional discounts of up to 10%.

Our Pricing Plan is listed below.
To learn more about our service plan offerings or to sign up for one, call us at 303-277-9983.

Service Plan Pricing

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