Why is System Maintenance Important?

Like a car or a heating system, electronic systems need annual tests and inspections. Keeping up with these will help your systems perform reliably, efficiently, and at designed performance levels. In the absence of proper repair and maintenance, your systems will slowly lose performance and ultimately not perform at a satisfactory level. False smoke alarms and poor picture quality are two typical examples of systems that have not been properly maintained.

Annual testing and maintenance helps to ensure you maintain the performance and reliability of your systems. By scheduling a technician to calibrate, inspect and clean your system on a yearly basis you can extend the useful life of the system.

What Does an Electronic “Checkup” Entail?

Your A/V, home theater, lighting control, home automation/integrated control, telephone, or security system will be tested and inspected thoroughly. This includes cleaning, battery replacement, and required calibration. These inspections can help identify failing, or nearly failing, components. Regular inspections are a great way to find the proverbial “accidents waiting to happen.”

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