Home automation is the ultimate convenience for homeowners in the Denver area!

What is Home Automation?

Home automation allows you to control all of the electronic systems (lighting, climate, A/V, security, etc…) in your home with a single button press, using your Apple device, Android device or hand-held remote control.

Traditionally, homes with electronic systems had independent controls for audio, video, lighting, security, window coverings, cameras, climate, etc.  The homeowner needed to go to the proprietary controls for each system to exercise control. With home control or home automation, homeowners can control all of these systems at once, adding great power and convenience to their homes.

Imagine waking up, pressing one button and having the morning news come on, the climate controls adjusts, lights come on, the window coverings open so you can enjoy the sunrise and the security system disarms so you can open the window and let some fresh air in. Of course you could also do this based on time of day, making your smart home the most elegant alarm clock imaginable. You can enjoy this power and convenience in your home, whether our RSI team retrofits it using wireless technology or incorporates it as your dream home is being built.  Don’t just build a home—build a smart home, instead!

Beyond simply installing incredible home technology, Residential Systems, Inc. specializes in integrating various systems to deliver the ultimate in simplicity and coordinated functionality to homeowners. We eliminate the confusion and inefficiency of multiple remotes and switches with a powerful, streamlined control system for the entire home:

  • Consolidate switches for lighting, window treatments, fireplaces, garage doors and fans onto a single, intuitive interface
  • Enjoy effortless control of audio/video equipment, pre-set to your specific preferences
  • Use the full features of your systems without studying complicated operation manuals
  • Link multiple systems to enhance functionality (view security cameras on TV, answer doors through the phone, etc.)
  • Create various modes that adjust the electronic systems as appropriate for the moment (party, good morning)
  • Integrate lighting, climate control, window coverings and audio/video on a single switch. Create “Home” and “Away” scenes to improve functionality and conserve energy with the touch of a single button.

Creating a smart home simplifies and automates your life! Not only can you customize the temperature in your house but you can set up your home controls to open and close blinds, lock doors and set security systems in place. From a touch of a button you can create the individual environment you desire.  Your home will be perfect before you step inside the door!  This automation also makes your house look lived in whether you’re home or not. Criminals are less likely to even approach a house that appears to be occupied.

Experts in Savant serviceBring your home into the 21st century with a home automation solution from Residential Systems, Inc..  Automate your home with smart home controls to easily operate your A/V equipment, lighting, security system and cameras as well as heating and air conditioning in one simple interface.  As the premier dealer in Denver and throughout Colorado, we invite you to learn about the many benefits and conveniences of smart home automation systems from companies like Savant, Control4 and HAI.

From product selection to design and installation, our services are unmatched at every step along the way. A team of skilled professionals will help you to determine the best system to meet your home automation needs.  Our home automation installers will consolidate your various systems into one intuitive interface and even integrate multiple functions into one unit.  Imagine the world where your security cameras display on your television or where your window shades automatically raise when you open your front door.  At Residential Systems, Inc., we sell and install the leading brands in smart home automation systems, ensuring that your home automation needs are met with the latest capabilities.

With many options in home automation our RSI team can design a solution that will be customized to your requirements.  To start—–Residential Systems Inc. will provide you with a free consultation with one of our smart home automation experts.  Having been in business for over 26 years, We bring a tremendous amount of experience and in-depth knowledge to your home automation project.  Discover how easy it is to integrate smart home automation solutions into your home!

Residential Systems, Inc. is Denver’s home automation and “Smart Home” expert! We are Colorado’s leading dealers for Control4, Savant, HAI and many other solutions!  We have installed smart home systems in over 5,000 throughout Colorado and throughout the world!  Our staff are experts in Smart Home systems and have years of experience installing and managing systems from Control4, AMX, Savant and many more!

To learn more about how Residential Systems, Inc. can help you with your Denver home automation or smart home project, contact us today!

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