We might have the word residential in our name, but we are not just for homes. We also provide and service electronic systems for commercial installations, including boardrooms, presentation rooms, conference rooms, training/collaborarion rooms and general offices.

Corporate Offices

We offer lighting control, security, climate control and distributed A/V solutions to meet the most demanding needs for our corporate clients.

Imagine touching a single button upon entering your conference room. Instantly, climate control instantly to a comfortable level, selected lights throughout the room are slowly brought up to a pre-determined level, the screen drops from the ceiling and the input is automatically set to HDMI1 for a presentation. When you are done with the room, simply press the same button and the room goes to an “all off” state, saving energy while remaining ready for the next user.

Beyond simply installing incredible technology, Residential Systems, Inc. specializes in integrating various systems to deliver the ultimate in simplicity and coordinated functionality for your office building. We eliminate the confusion and inefficiency of multiple remotes and switches with a powerful, streamlined control system for the entire office.

  • Consolidate switches for lighting, window treatments and climate control onto a single, intuitive panel
  • Enjoy effortless control of A/V equipment, pre-set to your company’s specific preferences
  • Use the full features of your system without studying complicated operation manuals or calling the IT guy for help
  • Create various modes that adjust the electronic systems as appropriate for the event (Meeting, Presentation, Demonstration, etc….)
  • Integrate lighting, climate control, window covererings and A/V on a single switch. Create “Occupied” and “Away” scenes to improve functionality and conserve energy with the touch of a single button.

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