Automated Home Security

Home Access and Security

Home Automation ExpertsHOME AUTOMATION, INC. (HAI) security systems are the performance leaders in residential security, addressing not just the typical intruder and fire detection functions but also addressing environmental issues (water leaks, gas leaks, carbon monoxide, freezing temperatures, etc.). Further it enables us to be proactive for water and gas leaks in that it can automatically control valves to turn off the supply if a leak is detected. It also supports keyless access, which is highly valued by Residential Systems, Inc.’s security Clients. Allowing visitors access to your home without giving out keys, and logging their arrival and departure, greatly enhances personal security. HAI security systems are highly reliable and capable and have been serving RSI security Clients for over 15 years. For more complex projects we have the ability to manage the security in each of several buildings independently (e.g. arm the Studio or detached garage independent of the main home).

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