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A Smart Home Is A Green Home (Part 2)

While home automation and smart home systems are often talked about as being “high tech,” one of the most overlooked benefits of a smart home is something so simple, people never see it.  While most of the industry attention on home automation systems focus on audio/video control, a fully automated smart home can help clients save a tremendous amount on their monthly utility bills while helping our environment at the same time.

Last month, we talked about how lighting control can help save our Clients money on their energy bills.  This week, we look at how automated shades and remote climate control can help clients further save money on their heating and cooling costs.

Automated Shades & Drapes

In Colorado, the sun is hot!  In the winter, solar gain is a big benefit, helping reduce our heating costs.  In summer, solar gain greatly increases cooling costs.  By installing automated shades and drapes that adjust with the time of day or level of the sun, clients can harvest solar gain when needed and reduce it when it is not optimal.

In the winter daylight hours, shades and drapes can be set to raise to allow maximum sun exposure and reduce heating costs.  At night, the system can be programmed to close the shades/drapes, providing an extra layer of insulation to prevent heat loss.

In the summer, the shades and drapes can be closed during the day to minimize solar gain. When the sun goes down and solar gain is at its least, the shades can be programmed to open and provide you with views of the great Colorado sunset.

Studies show that 20%-25% of monthly heating bills go towards heat loss from exposed windows.  Keeping windows covered during evening and nighttime hours can greatly reduce your heating bill in the winter by providing an extra layer of insulation against the elements.


Climate control

A programmable thermostat can save up to $170 per year on energy costs on an annual basis.  With a communicating thermostat, clients can adjust their thermostat from their iPad or iPhone from anywhere in the house, as well as remotely.  How often have you left your house for a weekend vacation in the summer, only to remember you forgot to turn off the air conditioning?  With a full home automation system, you can remotely access your thermostat and adjust your heating and cooling set points to save energy.

In addition to the energy saving components mentioned above, Savant Systems offers a full line of products that allow homeowners to view and mange their energy usage, giving them even greater visibility and control into their home’s energy consumption.  These systems can be accessed by a client’s iPad or iPhone and help them reduce energy consumption and manage it in an intelligent way.


At Residential Systems, Inc. we encourage our clients to look at all the benefits of a home automation system when evaluating their options.  While smart home automation technologies are extremely high-tech, they are also extremely functional and can save you energy.  Contact us today to learn more about the energy savings that can be achieved with a home automation system from companies like Control4 or Savant.


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