Custom Home Automation

A Living, Breathing Home

Home automation has grown to the point where a homeowner can have complete control of their home systems at the touch of a button.  Modern control systems such as Savant and Control4 have made automation simple and intuitive for every homeowner.  Creating lighting scenes based on sunrise and sunset schedules, automated shades that can open and close based on time of day, and climate systems that run with little to no interaction from the homeowner have made automation practically mainstream.

Most homes are filled with light switches that many homeowners find difficult to use.  Finding a specific light switch in a large home can be cumbersome and frustrating, making integrated lighting paths a convenient and safe way to light the home with little effort.  Many lighting scenes include pathway lighting that, for example, can light a path from the master bedroom to the garage with a single touch of a button.  Furthermore, a properly integrated home can utilize random lighting scenes and outdoor lighting scenes creating a simple way to have a secure and well lit home even when the homeowner is not present in the home.  Nearly any lighting situation imaginable can be achieved through modern integration products.

Climate control, especially in areas with massive climate changes (like Colorado), is difficult and time consuming for many homeowners.  With a modern control system, climate control can be programmed to interact with current climate conditions, time of day, home occupancy, or any other factors one may wish to use in order to control climate in the home.  Motorized shades are another effective way to automate climate control.  For example, shades can be programmed to close on a west facing window before the sun floods the room.  Shades can also be programmed to close/open based on the time of day, so shades in the bedroom can close automatically at bed time.

Control interface has also become convenient and attractive.  Smart phones and tablets have become the mainstream device for home control.  Lighting, climate, and A/V can be controlled by the homeowner not only anywhere in the house, but anywhere in the world.  Wall keypads and touch screens are also an attractive way to control the home locally.  Many homeowners have found that their home practically runs itself one an automated system has been installed and properly programmed.

Considering the convenience and efficiency provided by modern control systems, a home that runs itself is easier and more attractive than ever before.  A home that can heat itself, automatically turn on lights, and is controllable by a Smartphone is becoming mainstream and attainable for the homeowner who wants the convenience and peace of mind that comes with a living, breathing home.


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